About Us

Obara Realty Group is a vertically integrated real estate firm offering a full suite of services including Investment Management and Development, Brokerage, Construction and Property Management. Obara support clients through the entire investment cycle from investment selection to asset management with a dedicated team of experienced professionals dedicated to serving clients in the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. We believe in creating value for our clients and ensuring the highest possible return on investment.

Obara’s vision is to become the preferred real estate partner of communities, investors, and local governments that want to invest and develop neighborhoods and properties in the Philadelphia metro area. We seek to become a regional household name in our consumer target market (i.e. Roter Rooter)

Obara’s mission is to ignite a “for us by us” movement that unleashes the wealth potential of neighborhoods by transforming blocks within communities. We seek to train individuals to become real estate industry professionals as a means to generate both financial and social returns in the form of personal wealth and revitalized communities. We seek to execute development plans through our “platform partner” consortium, an established eco-system of real estate professionals who operate under the “Obara approach.”